Which Getty Images Coupon Code Should You Get?

With its merger with Corbis, Getty Images has easily become the leading stock content source in the market. It boasts a whopping 200-million collection of images, illustrations, videos and more. Whether you’re looking for commercial-ready or editorial stock footage, you bet you can find them at the stock site. What you need to think about now is which Getty Images coupon code you should get.

Currently, we offer two Getty Images coupons:

  • 30% off Ultrapacks. Ultrapacks are packs with built-in savings. They come with different volume sizes and divided by image resolution. They have no expiration date too, so you can download the footages as you need them. Our coupon lets you save up to 30% when you buy Getty Images purchase packs.
  • $100 off a 1080p HD Video. Our Getty Images coupon code gives you a $100 discount when you sign up with an Ultrapack. The savings can be applied per 1080p HD video purchased.

Why should you get a Getty Images coupon code? For one, the stock site is the leading stock media agency in the market today. It has a huge collection of video footage, totaling over 50,000 hours of film. You can find premium archival to contemporary film in HD and 4K. Amazing archival collections from popular media partners are also available, including films from BBC Motion, National Geographic and Bloomberg.

There are also some downsides in the stock media site. One, it is more expensive than other microstock agencies. The lowest stock footage prices can be the same range of medium-to-highest price points in other stock site. Two, buying editorial footage can be complex. You can’t buy editorial footages a la carte, thus their price can turn out to be higher than Royalty-Free footages.

Which Getty Images coupon should you get? If you want to purchase more than one footage, we recommend the first coupon for more savings. If you only need one stock footage for a one-time project, the second coupon code is the perfect option for you.